What bed should I purchase if I suffer from back pain?
Choosing a mattress that has support, as well as, comfort, will help you to get a sound night sleep. We recommend Comfo Pedic 4 or Comfo Pedic 5
I am used to sleeping on a hard surface, what bed should I get?
We Recommend the Comfo Pedic 4, It is our firmest bed, for that extra support.
I like to sleep on a soft mattress what bed should I purchase?
Our Comfo Pedic 5 is our Plush line of bedding, yet it is firm mattress.
We are looking to purchase beds for a hotel, motel, timeshare or rental property?
We recommend our Comfo Pedic 3 Line, these beds are same orthopedic, in Damask covering, yet durable for the industry.
I want a bed that I can lay on and feel like I am sleeping on a cloud, what should I purchase?
Try our Pillow Top line, it is an orthopedic mattress with that extra layering of comfort. It is also available with memory foam padding, which conform to your body for that extra comfort.
What if I don't want an innerspring mattress?
As an alternative to traditional mattresses, some types of mattresses are constructed entirely or mostly from memory foam or latex foam. They can be purchased in different densities. Some foam mattresses are made of multiple layers of foam adhered together while others have a foam core in the center. Foam mattresses come in various degrees of firmness to give patients greater selection for back support and comfort. Choosing between a foam mattress and a traditional mattress is based on personal preference.
What if I want a bed with an extra support?
We offer reinforcing on all our orthopedic mattress, this is provided for the extra support that the customer requests.
What is included in our prices?
We sell our beds in complete sets or you can purchase the individual piece.
What is no flip mattress?
We build mattresses the same on both sides, so the consumer can maximize the life of the mattress. It is always recommended to flip the bed every 6 - 8 months for the life expectancy of the mattress.
Do I need a hard mattress in order to have support?
Not necessarily, our bodies are not perfectly straight, so you do need some padding so you body can conform to the mattress.
Do you delivery?
Our truck delivers from the keys to central Florida
Do you make custom size beds?
Yes we do, call our office and we will provide you with a quote.
Can I get a mattress for my truck Rv or boat?
Yes, we can make beds for trucks, RVS, and boats also.
What is the difference between Florida Bedding Mattresses and other major retailer mattresses?
We manufacture our own mattresses and we sell them direct to you, This means we are able to avoid the middleman, keep costs low, maintain higher production standards, and allow you to pay less for a higher quality mattress.
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